Formed in 1998, ACA SECA TRIO is most certainly a clear sign of the rebirth of the folk song in Argentina.
Juan Quintero, Andrés Beeuwsaert and Mariano Cantero met while studying at La Plata University, and right from the beginning the group captivated audiences, becoming a local cult group.
Soon after finishing their academic studies, they moved to Buenos Aires where not only the band started a meteoric career that brought them national acclaim, but their personal careers took off as well.
While Quintero has established himself as the most promising songwriter in the country, with indisputable recognition from his peers, Beeuwsaert has become the regular pianist of choice for many jazz artists (He has been Pedro Aznar’s pianist for the past two years), and Cantero has been recording and touring extensively with singer Liliana Herrero.
The trio’s debut album was received by the local press, musicians and audiences with equal warmth. Internationally established figures such as Pedro Aznar, Egberto Gismonti and Luis Alberto Spinetta did not hesitate to publicly endorse the trio’s work.
Two years later, Aca Seca gave birth to AVENIDO, an exquisite selection of fifteen songs masterfully engaged with astonishing grace. Ancestral folk songs, a few compositions by some of the Argentina’s folk icons, two songs by uruguayan pianist Hugo Fatorusso, and the original music composed by Juan Quintero and Andrés Beeuwsaert, flow with total ease.
The upcoming re-release of AVENIDO in Japan, is nothing but a confirmation of the universality of the trio’s language and their artistic honesty.
In december 2009 they released the new CD+DVD, “Ventanas” with which they toured several countries of Latin America during 2010. Ventanas came out with two editions. The first,  a disc with 12 songs and the second edition includes in addition to the disc a DVD with presentations made in studio and live.
In 2014 they recorded their fourth CD, Hermanos, live in Café Vinilo with Diego Schissi Quinteto


In 2005, they were awarded Konex Prize by the Konex Foundation as one of 100 outstanding personalities in the last ten years of popular music, and were nominated for the Clarín Show Prize as a “revelation in folklore”.
In 2015 they has the honor to be awarded again by the Konex Foundation, this time they receive the prestigious Platinum Konex Award as best group of folklore


In 2016 they continue to tour Argentina and other countries of Latin America and 2017 will take them to Italy and Barcelona.
In March 2018 they will release their next album.
Out of Argentina they have performed in Spain, Italy, France, China, USA, Venzuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay, emphasizing their participation in Umbria Jazz Perugia – Italy) and Spoleto Festival (Charleston – USA).
Currently Aca Seca Trio is a reference of popular Argentine music.



Born and raised by a family of musicians, Juan is a perfect synthesis of the cross-cultural modern life. From and early age he was exposed to traditional popular music (his native Tucumán is one of the most traditional cities in the country, as it was there where Argentine independence was declared almost 200 years ago) getting first hand contact with Argentina’s ethnic music. Solidly trained as a guitarist, he later moved to La Plata city where he got his Bachelor degree.
Within the past few years, He has worked with most of the referential artists of the new generation: Carlos Aguirre, Jorge Fandermole, Pedro Aznar and Juan Falú, among others.
Juan Quintero has been awarded as the Folk Revelation Artist by La Nación, a year after that the same prize was awarded to him by Clarin Awards, while the Trio’s first album was nominated as the year best album at the Gardel Awards.
Currently he has duos with Edgardo Cardozo, Jorge Fandermole orNano Stern, merging chemistry and styles. He is considered one of the most talented composers of the so-called new Argentine folkloric music.
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Born in Olavarría, a small provincial town outside of Buenos Aires, Andrés studied piano from a very early age. Even though his formation has been jazz oriented, he graduated from La Plata National University as a classical composition major.
Andrés Beeuwsaert has performed, toured and recorded with most of the established jazz figures in the country: Javier Malosetti, Fat’s Fernandez, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Mono Fontana, Trio Fatorusso, and Pedro Aznar among others and with Ivan Lins or Joe Lovano.
In 2006 he has been awarded as the Jazz Revelation Artist by Clarin.
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Born in a small town nearby Santa Fe City, Mariano studied classical percussion most of his life. He graduated as a percussion professor at La Plata University in 2001. Aside from his academic classical training, he has studied drums with Hugo Marino, Rubén Duca and Junior Césari.
His eclectic background combined with his constant desire to grow as an artist, led him to study chamber music with composer Ernesto Ringer.
Cantero has worked equally at home at the popular music scene as in the classical field.
He filled the percussion chair at the Orquesta Estable del Teatro Argentino, the National Symphony Orchestra and, later on, he got a position at the Academic Orchestra of the Colon Theatre.
Steady member of De la guarda theater company, he toures extensively throughout the world.
He’s actually the drummer and percussionist at Liliana Herrero group, Ernesto Snajer, Veronica Condomí, Banda Hermética and La Bomba del Tiempo.
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